Picture Book Class Word Definitions

ant’s eye view: the underview, as it might be seen b and ant.

bird’s eye view: the overview, as it might be seen by a bird.

book dummy: a rough copy of your book based on your storyboard. Word and more detailed pictures can be pasted or drawn in the book dummy to understand page flow.

close-up: an enlargement of a small part of a character or scene, such as a hand, eye, key hole, or a door knob.

cover: includes the title in large letters and the names of the author and illustrator.

double page spread: a single picture or design spreading across facing pages.

frame: one of the 28 small squares in the storyboard.

page turn: the suspenseful moment of turning the page.

stick figures or circle characters: sketches that have little or no detail.

storyboard: a grid of 28 small squares, or frames. each frame represents a page in your book.

turnaround: the climax or turning point in your story. This usually occurs in the area of frames #11 to #15.